Thursday, January 17, 2008

Universal Truths

Dabbling in 10/20 is great because it seems easier to see how mistakes translate directly into dollars.

Nothing is terribly different about 10/20 except for that the players are generally more aggressive, and there are times when I'll inadvertently end up at a table full of winning players. That's never a good thing.

So I wanted to list some simple observations that I'll try to keep in mind during these games:

_ Every type of player can be responded to. Against players who steal often, I must increase my resteal frequency. Against a maniac, I have to reduce my calling, raising and showdown standards.

_ When I see someone in the big blind who folds his blind more than 85 percent of the time, it's profitable to steal raise from the button every time.

_ If I tell myself I can try to play tight to reduce risks, then I should know I'm already on tilt and stop playing.

_ At a tight table, I have to play looser, both to generate action and steal the blinds. At a loose table, I need to play my cards very literally.

_ Calling down on three streets from out of position is seldom a strong play.

_ At a table full of winning players, it's difficult to make money. Game selection is crucial.

_ Poker is a game of many decisions. I should not worry so much about my opponents' decisions and instead concentrate on minimizing my own mistakes.

_ It takes a winning attitude to be a winner. I need to do better about staying away when I'm not feeling great or distracted.

_ I play better when drinking a Coke.

_ My winrate goes down when I open up too many tables.

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SubZero said...

Good points, well made. All seem obvious, but it's remembering them all at once that's tough!

Oh yeah, I prefer Dr Pepper....