Sunday, January 13, 2008

Don't go bust with one pair

I hate losing with high pocket pairs.

It's great when they hold up against a bluff or underpair. But it sucks to lose lots of bets when my opponent gets his money in good against my transparent holding.

Then there are also times when it's difficult to tell whether getting busted was due to bad play or if it's a setup hand.

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Seat 2: josh3336 ($2,086) This guy is a regular who completely pwns me
Seat 5: smizmiatch ($1,015) -


cnorgl posts small blind $5
smizmiatch posts BIG blind $10
Dealt To: smizmiatch

3 folds
RAISE josh3336 ($35) from cutoff
1 fold
CALL cnorgl ($30) from SB
RAISE smizmiatch ($150) from BB
CALL josh3336 ($115)
FOLD cnorgl


Pot: $335

CHECK smizmiatch My line in these situations is to continuation bet on flops with an Ace or King in hopes of getting a fold right there, but slow down in hopes of inducing extra bets from hands that I beat like AK, JJ, any flush draw or any straight draw. I believe I'm ahead most of the time but I still give myself room to fold.
BET josh3336 ($200)
CALL smizmiatch ($200)


Pot: $735

CHECK smizmiatch
BET josh3336 ($410) This is a pretty strong bet.
RAISE smizmiatch ($665) But I can't get away on such a nondescript flop that helped my hand on the turn.
CALL josh3336 ($255)


Pot: $2065



josh3336 collected $2062 from main pot with two pair, Aces and Twos

I'd like to think this is a cooler, but maybe I could have folded on the turn when josh3336 fired a second bullet. His cold call of my 3bet preflop really screwed me.

Here's another one:

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Seat 1: uglystyles ($621.75)
Seat 2: CheckingAccount ($639)
Seat 3: nyinc ($1,226.15) -
Seat 4: smizmiatch ($585) -
Seat 5: WallyWattz1 ($634) -
Seat 6: chunjung ($243.65)


smizmiatch posts small blind $3
WallyWattz1 posts BIG blind $6
Dealt To: smizmiatch

1 RAISE uglystyles ($21)
1 FOLD CALL nyinc ($21)
RAISE smizmiatch ($100)
1 FOLD from BB
FOLD uglystyles
CALL nyinc ($79)


Pot: $227

BET smizmiatch ($165) I have to think I'm ahead, right?
RAISE nyinc ($486) I guess he could have a set, but it seemed more likely at the time he had overcards with a flush draw or some other kind of draw. I certainly didn't expect him to show up with an overpair after cold calling two bets
CALL smizmiatch ($320)
UNCALLED nyinc ($1)


Pot: $1197


Pot: $1197



nyinc collected $1194 from main pot with two pair, Queens and Eights

I don't know. I guess I should just fold and move on. Losing money with overpairs to the board like this feels like a big leak.



Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Those are such tough spots... I'm not sure if you can really get away from those situations but one thing I will say is that if a good player is firing out such a strong bet, you have to wonder what he's betting with so strong... having said that, I know that I woulda done the same thing you did...

kurokitty said...

I think the hands are both coolers, which is why there's bankroll... :)

Klopzi said...

I'm not sure if there's an inherent advantage to playing short-stacked, but it most certainly reduces the edge that good players have over bad players.

When I play a short-stack (say 50 BB), there is no opportunity for a better player to push me off my hand if I've committed to the pot. I become un-bluffable and can choose when and where I choose to commit all my chips.

There's also an added bonus to playing short-stacked: the big stacks at the table assume you're afraid or a fish and try to push you around.

Although I doubt that this strategy works even one-half as well at the 10/20 NL tables, I believe it's a viable strategy for low stakes NL hold'em.