Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Wow, I played some hands really poorly last week.

I just looked back at my hand histories over 6,742 hands played -- many more than I usually play. That's the first sign that I was asking for trouble, considering that the most obvious dropoff in my winrate comes in sessions of more than 2 hours.

Usually, when I look back at hand histories, I might find a few setup hands, a couple of hands that I could have played better, and one big mistake. This time, I found a lot of mistakes.

_ AK cold calling on a dangerous flop with only a gutshot, hitting the gutshot on the turn and losing to a flush. I never should have called that flop in the first place.

_ Going out of control with top pair in a few heads-up matches.

_ Getting in with QQ vs. AA preflop.

_ Making an incorrect read that I could make a solid player fold top pair, shit kicker to my top pair, shittier kicker heads-up.

_ Check-raising a dangerous turn card all-in with top pair. My opponent had hit his gutshot straight.

Sure, there was some bad luck in these hands. But they were all avoidable.

Notes to self: Remember to fold when beaten, and don't go bust with top pair.

They're kind of funny in retrospect.


Fuel55 said...

But, but, but ... I thought top pair was gold?

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

You are the man, Gnome. It is so refreshing to read a post like this from someone who is able to be fully objective about his play and about the reasons behind his losses.

If only I could be this honest with myself, I know my roll would be better off as a result.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

This is what separates you from others. You go back, study your hands and learn from your mistakes.