Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Check out cmitch's post on playing AK preflop in different scenarios.

I like lucko's suggestions and the EV calculations at the end of the post.

Just don't take it the wrong way and spew chips:

CO raises to $20
Button raises to $80
Gnome raises all-in for $1,000 from the BB with As Kd
CO folds.
Button calls all-in.
Flop: Qs 8d Td
Turn: 4c
River: 6s
Button wins $2,079 with Kc Ks


Chad C said...

Maybe its just me, but a whole buy in on AK in a cash game seems like spewage to me. Perhaps I am retarded, but I view AK as a tournament hand.....

cmitch said...

Thanks for the link. Funny thing is that after the AK post yesterday I wound up getting all-in preflop with AK against AA twice.

Chad - Lucko summed up AK in cash games pretty well when he said:

"Also think about what your 4-betting range is here. Is it only AA\KK? How do you think your opponents ranges will adjust to you if that is your total 4-betting range here? How do you think there range will adjust if they know you have other hands here as well? Widing your range increases the equity of your range."