Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I almost never post before sitting down at the tables for the evening, but perhaps it will put me in the right mindset before I play.

I played pretty damn poorly last night and went on tilt. Don't laugh too hard about the following hand. It was a terrible play:

Dealt to Hero 2h, 2s
Hero raises $35
CO calls $35
Villain/button raises to $180
Hero calls $145
CO folds.
*** Dealing Flop *** 5c, 3s, 9c
Hero checks.
Villain bets $250
Hero is all-In.
Villain calls $673.21
*** Dealing Turn *** Qc
*** Dealing River *** Jh
Villain shows Ac, Ah a pair of Aces.
Villain wins $2254.42 from the main pot with a pair of Aces.

That's right -- I check-raised all-in with a pocket pair of 2s that missed. At the time, I was thinking there was a good chance my opponent had a hand like AK or AQ. Unfortunately, I was wrong and got stacked for $1,000 when I should have just folded the flop. If there's any silver lining to this hand, it's that I realized how stupid it is to try to represent a set by check-raising all in on the flop. No one is going to believe me, especially when they hold AA!

Let us never speak of that hand again.

So tonight, I'm doing things right. I'm watching a CardRunners video before I play. I'm making sure I'll only play in fishy games. Most of all, I'll tighten up a little until I get ahead.

One problem I've been having recently is dealing with aggressive three-betters out of the blinds. I've been losing every time they have a good hand. Even when they don't have a good hand, they've been hitting the flop. There's an easy solution to this problem. I can just fold preflop with some of my more marginal hands that may well be dominated, or I could reraise all in against the true maniacs.

Another difficulty is that when I try to resteal/squeeze play from the blinds, I seem to get called and lose. Out of position squeeze plays don't seem to be +EV recently against players who know I have an aggressive image. To fix this problem, I'll focus even more heavily on playing in position.

In general, my concentration has been spotty over the last couple of weeks, and it has shown in my results. I always plan on playing my best game when I start a session, but often halfway in I can tell that I'm not at my best. Sometimes I have the discipline to stop right then, but most of the time I'll wait until I've reached the two-hour mark before quitting. I'm such a dumbass.

But I keep telling myself that all that crap is in the past. It has no relevance to how I play tonight, except as a motivational tool.

One of the reasons for my big improvement last fall was that I realized I could win a ton more money if I could eliminate idiotic mistakes from my game. Those errors are starting to creep back in, and I want to choke them off right here and now.

Edit: I played OK and lost a small amount. Hey, you can't make cards come.

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Norm said...

I think a lot of the people today do a disservice to themselves against people that 3bet lightly by 4bet pushing with AK and AQ hands. It would be much better to just call preflop with those hands and let the maniac who 3bets liberally to continue his bluff and then you shove. This way, you get much more money from his weaker holdings, and you can probably fold out under pocket pairs (like 66 on a T72 flop). Plus, you have some equity this way if you get called (6 outs hopefully) unlike when you do it with an under pocker pair.