Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exprimental blogging

This post is being written on my phone, which may be useful in the coming sleepless Vegas nights... Let's see how it works.

When I arrived at the patio game, I saw that the table was already populated with five regulars, a couple of fish and one new guy. They told me the game was only hold em to accommodate the new guy. I don't mind 2-10-20-20 O8, but let's just say it's not my top choice. The future looked promising.

This game plays like a million other home games across the 'verse, with most players liking to see the flop and checking to the raiser. Their stacks were very short for a 2/5 game, meaning they'd probably try to get it all in when they hit. Basically, it forced me to play their short stacked game, which is not my preference.

Immediately, I decided there would be no more limping allowed. If I was going to play a hand vs a short stacked limper, he would have to call a raise.

The chick to my right didn't approve. Tough shit.

I thought about increasing the size of my preflop raises, but I didn't see how that would help. If my opponents hit top pair, they were basically pot committed anyway.

A player named the Jet, perhaps my favorite donor, announced to the table that I was a shark. I tried to salvage my image by telling them I hadn't won since the first time I played with them, which was true.

I don't think it did much good though. I my first large-ish hand, the girl went all in for about the size of the pot, and I called with QJ top pair Queens. The Jet agonized over whether to call the $50 bet, but I paid him off when he moved in for $30 more on the river. He had hit his flush on the river, and chicky had bottom two pair. Whatever.

Somewhat surprisingly, I didn't get much action the rest of the night. It seems like many of those players are too used to the nut peddling of Omaha. I stole a few pots, only got quartered once and finished down $20 for the night.

Again I wonder: Does the tightness required of Omaha Hi/Lo kill the action during the No Limit hold em rounds? It kind of seems that way.

Fortunately, my O8 game is improving a little bit.

Let's play some mixed games in Vegas this weekend!

Also, I was thinking about getting together for bowling at Sam's Town on Sunday night. Who's in?

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