Friday, November 10, 2006

Calling bluffs in position

A note to people playing against me:

Your pot bets after you miss your draws will cost you lots of money. It's often obvious when you are playing for a draw the whole way, and your turn semibluffs and river bets are some of the easier bluffs to spot.

One hand that comes to mind was when I flopped top pair-weak kicker Tens on a 34T rainbow flop. My opponent check-called the flop, the turn went check-check, and he bet the pot on the river. His 52 was no good.

On another hand, I flopped top pair-top kicker Jacks and raised the 5c8cJd flop in a battle of the blinds. My opponent called. When I got check-raised all-in after an offsuit 4 fell on the turn, I had to call. Of course he had the flush draw, which missed on the river.

These calls are heavily read-dependent, but I won't back down against a big bet when it seems likely I have the best hand.

I don't mind if you keep betting losing hands. It's easy money for me. Just know that you'll probably get called. That is all.

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