Saturday, January 28, 2006


Full credit goes to Doug Gross.


Three cavemen are sitting around a fire playing poker. After a little time passes, a big pot comes up. One caveman raises, the next re-raises, the third re-raises and so on until they're all-in.

The first caveman flips up his cards and says, "Beat this! Pocket Aces."

He starts to drag in the pot until the second caveman stops him.

"Not so fast," says the second caveman. "I've got three of a kind."

He shows a set of fives and reaches to pull in the pot.

"Wait just a minute there," says the third caveman. "I've got a wheel."

The two other cavemen look at each other and ask:

"What the fuck is a wheel?"


peacecorn said...

Hawaii please! (and thankyou!)

deliverator said...

I don't know why this joke makes me laugh so much.