Sunday, November 20, 2005

Looking for Leaks

I don't believe in luck, but I know what works.

Jumping out of a plane works. I went skydiving yesterday for the second time, hopeful I was correct that this would be a +EV situation. Based on my previous jumping experience, it would kick ass. I risked a 75,000:1 chance of dying in exchange for the intangible benefits of the free fall: fun, an adrenaline rush, life perspective and a guaranteed great day. It makes you feel good to feel alive.

When you're dropping from 14,000 feet with an undeployed parachute strapped on, the loud wind creates ripples on your face. The sensations of fear, falling and faith rush through your body, adding up to feelings of exhilaration. The small patchwork world below seems like it might just stop right there.

The adrenaline rush lasts for hours, and its afterglow holds for much longer. The rest of the day is like the fulfillment of a happy prophecy. Everything will be great. I will have a good interview for a job, I will fix Matt's computer, I will cook out, I will get a little drunk, I will have fun hanging out with friends, I will win at poker.

Wishes granted.

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Victor_Enriq said...

Oh great! I didnt know you were a skydiver!

When I made the parachute training course, while I was still at the airforce the jump was only from a 1000 ft, with a 3 seconds free fall.

I cant even imagine a 14 ft. jump.

Congratulations, and let's expect everything works out all right with the job.