Thursday, December 25, 2008

Attempting to plug a serious leak

No matter how many times I tell myself I won't check-call down anymore, I still find myself making this weak-passive move sometimes and losing money.

There are many reasons not to check-call down: it allows my opponent to extract more value with a better hand, it turns my hand face-up, it often extracts the minimum when I do actually have the best hand and it exacerbates my positional disadvantage.

Cally-cally don't fly in Vegas, nor does it fly at almost any poker table.

I know this, but I still try to justify situations where I want to call down.

Earlier today, I called a small 3-bet out of position with AQ, check-called an Axy flop, check-called an 8 on the turn, and check-called an all-in when a 9 fell on the river. The small 3-bet preflop indicated to me my opponent didn't have AK, but I had little information beyond that. I told myself that my opponent was so aggressive he would bluff off with any two cards, but that wasn't even true. And if it were true, I would probably be better off leading at some point to try and get the money in sooner. Of course, my opponent hit his set on the turn and had easy value bets the whole way.

Be it hereby resolved:

I will not check-call down unless I have the nuts and I'm inducing bluffs.

I know the problem, and I'm putting a stop to it right here and now.


havin_a_laff said...

here here!

Guin said...

so in that hand of the day a few posts back you would have raised the pro on the turn?

Also I saw you mention dueces cracked as a good site for videos... are you using them instead of watching the stuff over at cardrunners now?

My sub ran out but wasn't sure of when I can get the bankroll to get into the good tutorials again.... hopefully soon.

Gnome said...

If you're talking about the hand against Steve Yea, that's a different situation. What I'm talking about in this post is specifically not calling down 3 barrels when out of position.
I'm a big fan of DeucesCracked now. I canceled my CardRunners subscription this week.

Guin said...

Looks like I will do my best to get a stoxpoker subscription since I can pay for that with FT points. I have to earn a bunch more before I can get onto that site but it will be worth it to help me bust up NL50 again.

Playing OOP is tough and I found that cardrunners made me fear playing from that position. I wonder where I can get my winrate up to if I could actually defend blinds.