Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Commerce Casino

I leave for L.A. on Thanksgiving Day for a trip that will include seeing the USC-Notre Dame game at the Coliseum and gambling at the Commerce Casino.

I plan to have a great time once I get there. Currently I'm counting the minutes until my flight leaves.

I'll have Thursday night and much of Friday free to play poker. I'll play either 2/5 or 5/10 NL, depending on how I feel. I know 2/5 is an easier game, but I'm thinking that playing slightly higher could help me stay focused despite the many distractions of brick-and-mortar poker.

I'm also tempted by the 9/18 limit game, which I like mostly because the chip denominations are so strange. Why not just play 10/20? Supposedly if you play with more chips, the game has more action...but whatever. Still, I appreciate the novelty of it.

Leave me a message in comments if you're in L.A. and want to meet up at the Commerce.


Greylocks said...

I wouldn't be so sure that a 2/5 in SoCal would be easier than the 5/10.

We're talking SoCal here. The level of craziness tends to be in inverse relation to the stakes.

Greylocks said...

9/18 is a 3-chip/6-chip game. 10/20 is a 2-chip/4-chip game.

It's more or less accepted conventional wisdom that, in limit poker, the more physical chips required to make a bet, the looser the game.

That's why there's no such thing as a bad 20/40 game, unless it's played with $10 chips.

Gnome said...

I played the 9/18 at the commerce all night once. It was fun, but it didn't seem especially loose compared to other games.

Greylocks said...

10/20 games are often pretty tight, though. That's not universally true, but when you have both 10/20 and 20/40 in the same cardroom, the 20/40 is often the better game, especially evenings and weekends. Everywhere I've played where there's been both games, that's been the general tendency.

It was a given in Tunica, MS for years that the 4/8 game at the Horseshoe had a better per-hour earn rate for a good player than the 10/20 game did, because the latter was usually a rock garden.

That's partly the chip situation but it's also because 10/20 games, being the smallest red-chip games, seem to appeal disproportionately to nits (often retirees and trust fund babies) who want the status of playing in a "mid limit" game but are too cheap to play any higher. They don't give a lot of action.

So I figure a 9/18 would still be better than a 10/20 if they had it, but even 9/18 is probably not as good as a 15/30 or 20/40 game, because of the demographics.