Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogger Cash: Most win, I lose

I got crushed in the $1/2 deep-stacked NL blogger cash game, but most of the players who filled two tables on Full Tilt won some money.

I was playing from a booth at a loud bar, Moe's & Joe's, in Atlanta. I think it would be fair to say that the beer helped loosen me up.

Kuro, who was sitting across from me at the bar, recounted our big confrontations. I got it in really good once (dominating top pair) and really bad once (under two pair vs. trips). We know each other's styles pretty well, which means we'll get into a few confrontations.

I donked it up and lost. So it goes. Thanks for everyone who turned out to play, and I hope everyone had fun.

What's important to me now is that I get back on my game. I've been farting around at the tables throughout my vacation, and it's starting to hurt a bit. Vacation is great, and I feel pretty relaxed despite my recent questionable play. But now I'm going to bear down and focus rather than play the loosey-goosey style that leads to me spewing too many chips.

One problem I've found in my game is that I've been trying to play with standard betting patterns depending on flop textures. Instead, I should be tailoring my plays more based on my reads in specific situations.

Back to work!


kurokitty said...

It was great fun! Your poker cats need to travel with you if you play on the road.

RaisingCayne said...

Good times. I was bitter as I got home real late, and spent an hour on the waiting list before I lost patience. Didn't realize there was TWO tables that got filled up!