Thursday, November 17, 2005


Wouldn't it be cool if you could change your poker site's screen so it doesn't have all those distracting avatars, chairs, dealers and backgrounds? Would you rather just see a black screen, players' names and statistics?

Something like this?

It's pretty easy to do.

The first step is to go to Chip Litre's Poker Mods, select the layout you like and follow the instructions. This will help you get rid of that pesky dealer and those bothersome chairs.

Once that is done, you can get the black background I use by clicking on this link from Other backgrounds are also available on this page and from

But what if you play on PokerStars? Well, they have mods too. Your screen may end up looking something like this:

Basically it's a two-step process to use this background with PokerStars. First, go to the 2+2 thread about modding PokerStars. Right-click on the table image displayed in the thread, and then select "Save Image As" from the dropdown menu. Save it as bg.jpg into this folder: C:/Program Files/PokerStars/Gs.

That step makes the black image your background, but PokerStars won't let you use that background unless you launch PokerStars from the file called "PokerStars.exe" rather than the default, which is "PokerStarsUpdate.exe." The easiest way to launch PokerStars from PokerStars.exe is to simply double click on that file in C:/Program Files/PokerStars. For more information, give a detailed read to the 2+2 thread linked to above.

That should do it! Good luck with your modding.


DouglasDamon said...

All that trouble, and no four-color deck?

I have plenty of problems at the table -- but I'm not sure being distracted by having to look at a virtual table has ever been one of them.

Still, your comp wizardry is admired as usual, sir.


Victor_Enriq said...


NO WAY! I dont really that love much the sites screens, but i'm not going to play poker like it was an ATARI or worst!

I think I dont really have much time to notice anything else than the stats and bets.

...Maybe the mods are not that bad after all-

kurokitty said...

It looks too much like Klingon poker!

Plus I love seeing Kuro Kitty's picture as avatar on 'Stars.